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Change In Leadership At Equinox

Duluth, GA–November 24, 2014

Equinox Software, Inc. is pleased to announce that Mike Rylander has been selected by the Equinox Board of Directors as President of the company. In addition to being a co-founder of Equinox, Rylander is one of the original developers of the Evergreen open source integrated library system. As the architect of Equinox’s new Sequoia services platform, Rylander stated that he is excited to take the helm and drive Equinox forward with a focus on Sequoia and its added-value components, AIM and Idea Lab. “I’m very proud of the way the Equinox team has pulled together to realize our new service offerings and I look forward to our bright future together.”

Vice President Grace Dunbar said that she couldn’t be more pleased that Rylander had been selected to fill the vacancy created when Brad LaJeunesse resigned. “I have worked with Mike for over five years and I know that under his leadership, Equinox will continue to grow even stronger.”

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About Equinox Software, Inc.
Equinox was founded by the original developers and designers of the Evergreen ILS. We are wholly devoted to the support and development of open source software in libraries, focusing on Evergreen, Koha, and the FulfILLment ILL system. We wrote over 80% of the Evergreen code base and continue to contribute more new features, bug fixes, and documentation than any other organization. Our team is fanatical about providing exceptional technical support. Over 98% of our support ticket responses are graded as “Excellent” by our customers. At Equinox, we are proud to be librarians. In fact, half of us have our ML(I)S. We understand you because we *are* you. We are Equinox, and we’d like to be awesome for you.
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Browser Staff Client Sprint #1 Complete

Well, the title says it all.  Development for the first “sprint” of the browser staff client is now complete.

In addition to the circulation features implemented, this sprint also includes a significant amount of infrastructure work, like websockets, display grids, other shared interface components, print configuration, and the initial implementation of our external Java-based print/storage service, AKA Hatch.  These components are all necessary for future development sprints and, in many cases, will streamline their development.

The Evergreen community has a significant amount to do, including testing the low-level communication framework, assessing the look and feel of the interfaces, and evaluating the behavior of the individual features.  To encourage further testing and exposure to the new interfaces, the community has agreed to merge the existing code into Evergreen for the 2.7 release (Launchpad ticket).  Once configured locally, this will allow staff to use these new interfaces in their own environment, with their own data.    Over the next few months we really hope to hear your feedback so that we may  make improvements and build better interfaces in the code sprints to come.

Come see us at ALA 2014!

Come see Equinox at ALA 2014! We’ll be at booth 1843 showing off the latest Evergreen and Koha features, of course, but also drop by and take a gander at our brand-spanking-new offerings.

FulfILLment, our open source ILL product, has reached version 1.0 and is ready for prime time. Ask us for a quick demo to see the power and user-friendliness of this system!

Sequoia, Equinox’s library services platform, is the best cloud solution for your ILS and/or ILL needs, period. With Sequoia powering Evergreen, Koha, or FulfILLment, we guarantee 100% uptime and the best performance of any solution. Because of our economy of scale, we often can provide a comprehensive cloud solution for less than what you currently pay for your locally-installed ILS or ILL instance.

Also, don’t forget about our new software services, AIM and Idea Lab. AIM is a subscription service that allows libraries to combine forces and squash the bugs that bug them the most. Idea Lab is similar: it is a subscription geared toward funding new feature development. The more libraries that subscribe to these services the more good things can happen for all.

Equinox will be represented this year by Brad, Erica, Galen, Jenny, and Shae. Please drop by and let’s chat.

Equinox Exhibiting at ALA Midwinter

American Library Association 2014 Midwinter Meeting & Exhibits
January 24-28, 2012
Pennsylvania Convention Center
1101 Arch St,
Philadelphia, PA 19107
See us at booth 541!

Support isn’t a cost center for us that we’ll sacrifice for other interests; it’s our bottom line.

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