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Evergreen Software

Evergreen is an open source ILS and was designed from the ground up to support a large, geographically-dispersed, multi-tiered library consortium. Evergreen was initially developed at the Georgia Public Library Service for its PINES consortium, a group of over 270 public libraries spread throughout the state, serving almost three million active patrons with a collection size of over ten million items.

Uptime and stability were paramount concerns during the development of Evergreen. The software was designed to operate on a cluster of inexpensive commodity servers, providing both redundancy and an easy method to increase capacity incrementally as a consortium grows.

While Evergreen has the muscle to handle the largest consortia, it also elegantly scales down to more typical single-site or regional library systems.

Following the successful development and rollout of Evergreen in Georgia, libraries from around the world expressed interest. British Columbia SITKA was formed shortly thereafter and became the second consortium to implement Evergreen. Since then, over one thousand more libraries have joined the Evergreen community.

The Evergreen Community website is located at

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