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2.5 Default Values for Vandelay Item Import

This feature is available in Evergreen version 2.5.

Evergreen now supports additional functionality for importing items throughCatalogingMARC Batch Import/Export. When items are imported via aHoldings Import Profile in CatalogingMARC Batch Import/Export, Evergreen will create an item-level record for each copy. If an item barcode, call number, copy location, or circulation modifier is not set in the embedded holdings, Evergreen will apply a default value based on the configured Library Settings. A default prefix can be applied to the auto-generated call numbers and item barcodes.

The following Library Settings can be configured to apply these default values to imported items:

  • Vandelay: Generate Default Barcodes—Auto-generate default item barcodes when no item barcode is present
  • Vandelay: Default Barcode Prefix—Apply this prefix to any auto-generated item barcodes
  • Vandelay: Generate Default Call Numbers—Auto-generate default item call numbers when no item call number is present
  • Vandelay: Default Call Number Prefix—Apply this prefix to any auto-generated item call numbers
  • Vandelay: Default Copy Location—Default copy location value for imported items
  • Vandelay: Default Circulation Modifier—Default circulation modifier value for imported items

Author: Angela Kilsdonk, Equinox Software

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