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Welcome, Rogan!

March 17th, 2016 by

Equinox is pleased to welcome Rogan Hamby to the team!  He will join us as a Project and Data Analyst.  Rogan got his undergrad degree in English Lit with minors in Computer Science and Sociology and then received his MLIS from the University of South Carolina.  By repeatedly graduating he proved to be really bad at being the professional student he had aspirations to be.  Deciding that a reference librarian was the next best thing he went off and after twenty years has done nearly every job you can do in a public library, many simultaneously.

In 2009 Rogan was involved with the creation of an Evergreen based public library consortium that he supported for eight years, overseeing operations, migrations and special projects.  Believing in the philosophical principles of open source software and the cultural mission of libraries he found Evergreen to be the tool he needed and the community to be people he shared values with.  When the time came for his next adventure Rogan realized that he wanted to remain in the Evergreen community and find new ways to aid libraries in their missions.  Fortunately, he found a place at Equinox to do that.

Outside of work Rogan has managed to be married, have three children, learn archery from buddhist monks and once play D&D with Dave Arneson.  He doesn’t have a favorite book but has re-read works by and about J. R. R. Tolkien more than is probably healthy.

Grace Dunbar, Equinox Vice President, had this to say about the hire:  “We’re delighted to be adding Rogan to our team of librarians and techies… and techie-librarians.  Many of us have known Rogan for years and we deeply value his experience both in libraries and in the Evergreen community.  We also respect his deep and abiding love of Tolkien.”

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It has been truly inspiring seeing libraries around the world unite in strengthening Koha and Evergreen.

Infrastructure and Added Services Manager

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